Ari, keep doing you sis!

The following is a small rant…feel free to respond with your own feelings.


In the midst of the thank you, next track released by Ariana Grande, I find myself wondering why, as a society – not excluding myself – we feel the need to judge other people’s relationships. I came across an individual’s blog post about how they thought Ari just moves on too quickly. Tbh, why is it any of our business how fast she moves on and who she chooses to move on with and how she chooses to move on?

As women shouldn’t we be lifting up our fellow women, not tearing them down and telling them how they should be living their lives? First of all, she’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She already has to deal with an excruciatingly painful amount of people prying into her personal life. She has to deal with her private life being splashed all over. She has to endure people telling her that she’s dating too many people, that she’s moving too fast, that she should be doing things according to how they think she should live HER life. And because she wrote a song about how she’s thanking her exes, you are going to say that now she’s moving on too fast?? Honey, her recuperation is obviously writing and singing abut her feelings! Sorry she did not text you first to ask you what you think she should do with her life…

Every relationship has its own timeline. If someone feels like they have found their soulmate within two weeks of dating, then damn good for you! It may be too early for some people, but no one is forcing anyone to get engaged…your relationship will have its own timeline. And just like every relationship has its own timeline, so does each person’s timeline of moving on from a relationship that did not work out. There is no specific waiting period or some list of steps that dictate what you are supposed to do when you are moving on from a relationship. You move on however you choose to. You do what is right for YOU, not for other people. If you choose to move on by dating someone else right after, more power to you! If you want a write a record breaking song about how all your exes have taught you something about yourself, then by all means do it. We are so quick to tell others how to live their lives. Shaming someone by saying that their song is a tragic cry for help, or that they are living their life in an unhealthy way, is not correct. No one knows the formula that stops feelings or tells us how to heal from a heartbreak. And damn if you do, Sis share with society.

I am no saint when it comes to commenting on celebrity relationships. I have done my fair share of thinking that people were getting engaged too quickly and things like that. Then I stopped myself and thought, who am I to tell people how to live their lives? Am I some relationship guru? LOL no. Women judging women for how they choose to date and how they choose to live their lives needs to stop. Ariana wrote a song talking about he she learned from each of her relationships. She’s processing her feelings. Let her be. Listen to the bop and see if you can learn somethings from your past relationships as well. Maybe we will all be better people for it. Relationships are a two way street, you cannot just blame one human being.

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