2018 in a Wrap…

The year 2018 really flew by! I graduated college, started this blog, met my amazing boyfriend, went to Seattle for the first time with a bomb ass group of people, saw one of my favorite rappers of all time, Kendrick Lamar, also saw Snoop Dog live, spent and amazing week in New Orleans with my boyfriend and his family, had one of the best summers, studied and took the LSAT, and figured out the next steps for my future. It was a whirlwind of emotions that were scary exhilarating, and beautiful. And, I would not have traded this year for anything.

While this year was one for the books with the amount of traveling and fun I had, it was a year of some extreme personal growth. Through a lot of ups and downs, I really began to figure out myself and the things I wanted to do in life. I learned how to put myself first, started my journey to love myself, learned the importance of forgiveness, and so much more.

Now, with the new year around the corner, most people would take this time to state their new years resolutions that they’d stick to for a month and then give up come February. I was notorious about resolutions, convincing myself that “this year I will workout 4 days a week” or “this year my resolution is to get fit!” However, I realized that for me, doing this was useless.

So this year, I decided to do something different. I am going to focus on one thing, one word, that I will work to keep with me this year. That word is: joy. 2019 will be my year to do things that bring joy to my life. Sure, there are other things in life that are important, but if they do not bring you joy, then are they really worth it? I have lived too much of my life (yes I know I am only 22) by other people’s terms, trying to bring joy to other people’s lives. I twisted and contorted myself in to an individual that lived to please others before myself…into a person that I barely recognized. It began to take a major toll on my mental health.

So after a months of introspection toward the end of 2018, I’ve decided to take myself back. Take my joy back. I will travel with my boyfriend, travel with my friends, work, go to law school, and conquer whatever obstacles come my way. And, I will strive to bring myself joy.

So, I want y’all to try this with me. Give up societies expectations of New Year resolutions, and come up with one word you want to be able to describe this next year. Then, make decisions and choices that will fully optimize that word. It could be anything, happiness, love, resilience, strength, etc. Just make sure it is what YOU want. You deserve it!

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