New Things Happening…

Hey y’all I know it’s been a minute! I am getting back into the swing of blogging regularly and am going to be the start of a new installation called PoliNerd Thursdays! Essentially every Thursday I will be posting a new blog on some big political issue going on that week, presenting the facts of the issue and then commenting on the facts with my own, personal opinions.

As I am in D.C. now, I feel like I’m right in the middle of all the political action (or non action in some cases #MoscowMitch #MassacreMitch). I’ve been toying with the idea of getting back into regularly posting, but, I wanted it to be meaningful and also showcase some of what I am doing out here. So, I decided to start posting commentary on what’s happening in our nation from the perspective of a young professional woman of color. This is a key time for people my age to be engaged politically, with primaries in states coming up and the 2020 elections on the horizon, it is essential we come out in record numbers (for whatever party you are a part of, I will not try to sway anyone one way or the other) to show we actually care about the policies that are enacted in our country. We saw in 2018, younger people came out in record numbers which brought in a historic amount of women to the House of Representative. We now have some younger, diverse voices in the mix. I am finally starting to see individuals in the People’s house that actually look like the world I see everyday.

Time is up for the “I’m not into politics” people. You may not be “into” it, but its surrounds you everyday. Like it or not, we are living in a time where several key rights for people could be taken away, YOUR RIGHTS, your sister’s rights, your mother’s rights, your LGBTQIA+ friend or neighbor’s rights, are in danger. Key laws that allow women autonomy over their own bodies are being attacked, LGBTQIA+ working and family rights are under attack, quality public education is under attack, we are ten years away from irreversible environmental damage to our planet, and in 2019 we have STILL have to worry about lead poisoning of me, women, and children in communities like Flint that STILL do not have clean water.

Some of these laws may not affect you specifically, but they affect you indirectly. Politics, whether we like it or not, is woven into the fabric of our society, we cannot longer sit back and let others make decisions for us. We have voices and we need to use them.

This is why I have decided to start the PoliNerd Thursday installation. I want people my age to be politically engaged and to know what’s happening in our country. Hopefully y’all will engage, read, share, like, comment, etc., and we can start meaningful conversations on the important issues going on right now!

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