Trump’s DOJ Most Aggressive Attack on LGBTQ Rights Yet

Happy #PoliNerd Thursday my friends! As promised, here is my first article on issues regarding our country's politics. I/m thinking of upping the postings to both Tuesdays and Thursdays as things move fast in the political world and the current administration do egregious things to different communities daily. Below details out, as the title says,… Continue reading Trump’s DOJ Most Aggressive Attack on LGBTQ Rights Yet

New Things Happening…

Hey y'all I know it's been a minute! I am getting back into the swing of blogging regularly and am going to be the start of a new installation called PoliNerd Thursdays! Essentially every Thursday I will be posting a new blog on some big political issue going on that week, presenting the facts of… Continue reading New Things Happening…

Toxic Family Members: How to Deal with the Layers of Hurt and Complexities

Everyone deserves to be surrounded by supportive, loving, motivating, and positive people. You know the kind of people I am talking about. The people that would rather avoid creating drama and somehow always, or at least majority of the time, are able to seek out the good in any kind of situation. The individuals who… Continue reading Toxic Family Members: How to Deal with the Layers of Hurt and Complexities

Ari, keep doing you sis!

The following is a small rant...feel free to respond with your own feelings.   In the midst of the thank you, next track released by Ariana Grande, I find myself wondering why, as a society - not excluding myself - we feel the need to judge other people’s relationships. I came across an individual’s blog… Continue reading Ari, keep doing you sis!